It's Not Just Riding,
It's A Feeling.
CHONG MOTOR was established in 1978. Within 10 years, CHONG MOTOR successfully occupied the entire Tok Muda market. In 1998, under the attention of Yamaha , successfully cooperated with Yamaha, In the same year, under the strong support of Yamaha and the unremitting efforts of the boss, CHONG MOTOR developed two stores and entered the KAPAR TOWN market.

In 1999, CHONG MOTOR was successfully promoted to become YAMAHA TOP DEALER. With the development of the company, it joined hands with Honda & Modenas in 2003. Within five years, it successfully opened up another 5 branches in various parts of Klang to reach another peak. At the same time Honda Top 55 and Modenas Top 1 Selangor.

In 2014, CHONG MOTOR had more than 10 branches and more than 100 employees. It has also been the TOP DEALER of YAMAHA, HONDA and MODENAS for several years. In 2019, CHONG MOTOR will have its own exclusive service center. So far, CHONG MOTOR is still moving forward.

Our Mission & Vision


To provide customers with one-stop sales services (product consultation, after-sales service, customer benefits, etc.), and provide customers with excellent after-sales service.


Become the first preferred motorcycle flagship store in Klang Valley,  and create a Chong Motor exclusive brand of Quality Service Center provide to our customer, and become a pioneer in the industry.

Why Choose Us
We are the largest one-stop sales services center in klang valley, beside that, we are also offer own-finance (SHOP LOAN) to our customer so that can having their dream bike with hassle free.